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"Keep hanging on, kid.
It’s worth it.
I love you."


2nd Anniversary Video Tributes

Lyra for memorial.jpg

Sinead Gleeson reads 'My Generation'

As Sinead brings Lyra's words to life, the horror of her murder becomes more intense. Especially the "third promise that the politician broke"... it's heartbreaking.

Kerri ni Dochartaigh reads "Never Be a Mother"

Kerri captures Lyra's humour in her reading of this poem. Lyra wrote this poem as a 13 year-old and it clearly conveys Lyra's sense of humour.

Glenn Patterson reads "Look Up"

Glenn Patterson reflects on Lyra McKee in his postscript to Backstop Land. It is a fitting tribute from this award-winning writer to our sister Lyra as she would encourage us all to "look for the light".

Lucy Caldwell reads Lyra's "Letter to My 14-year old self"

Award winning author and playwright, Lucy Caldwell, pays tribute our Lyra in this reading.  As we seek justice for her murder, Lyra's words in this piece are a timely reminder that, "It won't always be this this; it's going to get better."

Cathy Newman, Channel 4 Newsreader pays tribute by reading from Lyra's work.


Cathy Newman reads from Lyra's 2015 Buzzfeed article: "Northern Ireland Leader's Still Can't Agree on One Big Issue: How to Deal with the Past"

It could easily be mistaken for more recent news.

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