Campaign Update


On 16th September 2021, two additional individuals were charged with Lyra's murder. This is a significant breakthrough in Lyra's murder investigation. The PSNI investigation into Lyra's murder continues to be very active.

We launched a new campaign for justice for our Lyra on 31st March 2021. This day SHOULD HAVE been Lyra's 31st birthday.

On this day, we launched our Justice4Lyra website, Facebook page and Twitter. These have all been very successful so far and have gained an international audience.

In April, we erected billboards in Derry where Lyra was murdered. The billboards received attention from both local and national media outlets including: QRadio, BBC, UTV, The Belfast Telegraph and Derry News and many others.

Later in April, in advance of the 2nd Anniversary of Lyra's murder, we sent letters to almost 8,000 homes in the Creggan and surrounding area appealing for information. This also received a lot of media attention.

To raise awareness of our campaign, on Lyra's Anniversary, a digital portrait of Lyra created by her niece Beth was projected onto Belfast's Custom House Building and Lyric Theatre. Belfast City Council, Derry and Strabane Council and the City of Derry Airport also paid tribute to Lyra by lighting up their buildings in her honour throughout the week of her Anniversary. We are so grateful for the continued support we receive.


We are presently working with Erica Starling Productions to create a feature-length documentary film wherein Lyra takes us with her on a journey through her short life.  It is in the final stages of completion and is due for release in Autumn 2021. 

We have been advised that a lot of information and video footage has been shared with the authoritites, mostly anonymously. Some of it has been very useful, some of it has been  useful, some of it hasn't but we are grateful for it all and for the brave souls who have shared it - they are changing the culture of silence. We would encourage other brave people with information and/or video footage that they feel may be relevant to our case - particularly the identity of the gunman - to continue to come forward. If you are unsure of the relevance, share it anyway and let the autorities make that judgement.

Lyra's murder investigation continues to be VERY ACTIVE and some legal proceedings have begun. I am sure that you will understand that we are unable to comment about either of these at present. Do know that our family has been given great strength by the continued support of local, national and international communities to continue to persue JUSTICE FOR LYRA. #failureisnotanoption